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Southwest Missouri Coalition of 

Charities and Community Services



Together with other organizations and individuals, we regularly do charity works and volunteer programs to help the hungry and homeless around Southwest Missouri.

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The Southwest Missouri Coalition of Charities and Community Services in Monett, Missouri is a 501c3 organization that aims to assist people in need across Southwest Missouri. Together with churches, community groups, kind-hearted individuals, and other nonprofit organizations, we hope to fulfill our mission and inspire more people to do good for others.

To learn more about our charity, you may browse through the rest of our website or contact us today! We are always open to attending to people who are interested in our mission.


I am a drug addict & homeless but I am still treated with dignity and respect each day by  the coalition. - Aaron

We are from out of town & we were homeless temporarily. We just needed alittle bit of a hand up. The coalition helped us and we are looking forward to paying back their kindness. - Stephanie & kids

I was about to loose my house I rented. My mom had just died & I wasn't able to see my daughter regular. I was without hope. Hungry and desperate. The coalition helped me at and get my food stamps and medicaid. - John

As a fellow non profit in the area our favorite non profit to work with is the coalition. They have so many resources. We brain storm, and round table and come up with ways to change people's hearts and lives. - Robyn w/ Resources of SW MO

I was unable to budget my money. So I never was able to provide for my children the way a mom should. The coalition helped me get involved in other community groups and with non profits and I learned to budget and now I am providing 100% for my kids without any government or outside assistance and we are saving for a house! - Mandy

My employer told me if I would get my GED they'd promote me at work and give me a raise. The coalition helped me find a local night and online class. I passed. Tested . And now I have my ged, a raise and am enrolling in college classes. - Juan 

It has been amazing watching the coalition bring all the churches, community groups, and local non profits together in online Community Conversations and ongoing events to educate and fund raise. - Jed; SWMO AED

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